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Here’s For a More Enjoyable Philippine Travel

Here’s For a More Enjoyable Philippine Travel

Traveling around cities in the Philippines can often have lots of hassles, in private or public vehicles. But travels can be made daily pleasant experiences if the following tips below are observed.

Never go out the house without informing somebody of one’s travel destination. Even with mobile phones around, it’s still advisable to let people at home know one’s travel plans and options, special or everyday travels. With mobile phones in hand, it’s good to inform a guy or two about travel status, at least every two hours.

Keep informed beforehand of the latest road lane travel policies of a locality. One-way or two-way lane policies can sometimes change over night. Traffic updates on TV or in the radio give helpful travel tips on this at times. Or better, watch out for road signs or posts.

In Metro Manila, always be aware of car plate number policies. They are called number or color coding regulated by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA). Each day of the week is regulated by a specific MMDA number or color coding. If a car’s plate number falls under a specified coding for the day, it’s banned from travel in highways and streets. The travel ban is on for specific travel hours of the day.

In special group trips, make sure rented public vehicles are not overloaded and necessary travel permits are secured. In any case, no children are permitted to ride in front of any vehicle. Make sure seat belts are always strapped to the driver and passengers, and drivers are not allowed to call or text messages via cell phones. This is not just a safety travel precaution but also to avoid travel hassles. Authorities on field work are hot over erring vehicles on the road. To avoid delays and travel hassles, pay attention to these rules.

For travels on foot, never ever forget to use pedestrian overpasses and lanes. Some cities are very particular about jay walking. Some people ignore it simply due to laziness. Jaywalking can prove to be a terrible travel hassle. That’s not just about the fine. Think of the humiliation and waste of travel time waiting at a police or MMDA precinct.

Make every travel activity pleasant by learning to go by the rules. Everyone has the right to travel, but everyone is also obligated to observe travel rules. In cars or out on the streets, travel will be a joy if we know how to travel in style and in propriety.

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