Samar Destination Guides

Samar destinations because of their unspoiled beauty and wonder have become favorites of visitors both local and foreign. The Sohotan Cave is an educational experience and a humbling one at that while the Calbiga Whitewater River provides the ultimate adventure for thrill seekers.

Samar Travel Agents

Samar Island is one of the best tourist destinations for nature lovers. Panhulugan Caves (1 and 2) and the Sohoton Natural Bridge are some of the best spots to check in Samar Island.

Samar Government Sites

The Province of Samar is one of the significant municipalities of the Philippines in terms of art form. The Kut-kut, a Samar art technique, is said to be an original Philippine art form which combined the Western and Oriental methods in creating a new piece of art.

Samar Hotels and Resorts

It might be hard to find information on Samar hotels simply because the lodging here although good are not advertised that much on the Internet but instead go by reputation and word of mouth. Two of the recommended Samar hotels are Jasmin Beach Resort where one can wake up to the sound of the waves every morning and the Rolet Hotel which is closer to the commercial district. These two Samar hotels are among the good ones and it’s a good idea to find out what each one offers so that you are fully prepared when you get there.

Samar Sightseeing and Activities

Samar is a unique place to visit. Various activities and destinations are available to tourists visiting this place. Natural formations and parks gives visitors appreciation of its natural beauty while landmarks and museums give visitors know about the rich heritage of Samar.

Sorsogon Beach Guide

Sorsogon is one of the provinces in the tip of Luzon.It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean so many beaches here are also beautiful.Many tourists visit the Donsol beach to catch a glimpse of the Dugong.

Samar Sightseeing Guide

A Samar sightseeing guide will include the many natural and historic attractions in the province. Samar is one of the unique places in the Philippines that has remained quite untouched. You’ll find a lot of ancient architectural relics, caves, waterfalls, and a rainforest, which is a treat for nature lovers.

Samar Restaurant Guide

Samar is now recognized as one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. You can tour the city and the beaches when you are in Samar. Tourists will also enjoy different dishes in various restaurants in Samar.

Samar Beach Guide

Samar is a large island in the southern part of the Philippines. There are many beaches in Samar that is just as beautiful as the popular beaches in other regions of the country like Boracay. Most of the beaches in Samar are covered in white sand.