Discover Philippines

More and more tourist and travelers are discovering the beauty of the Philippines Islands as the popular beaches of Boracay and Puerto Galera continues to allure people all over the world. Yet, there is more to the Philippines than just beautiful beaches. And although the beaches in the Philippines are …

Bohol Destination Guides

Bohol destinations endear the traveler to this province in Visayas and we don’t just mean the Chocolate Hills or the Baclayon Church. The wonders of these Bohol destinations are beyond description and if your purpose is to find a solemn and peaceful vacation getaway while being very much in touch with nature, the Chocolate Hills and the Baclayon Church are just two places you can visit.

Some Choice Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Philippines is known for its exotic beaches, foremost of which is Boracay, where one can enjoy the sea to his heart’s content. Visit Palawan to experience local hospitality and see exotic flora and fauna. Come and appreciate the beauty of Bohol and go mad on surfing in Siargao. Enjoy perfect sunrise and sunsets at Samal Island. Urban seekers will find Subic Bay their perfect getaway.

Philippines: Exotic, Mystical, and lots of Festivals

The Philippines has a lot of exotic and unusual travel experience to offer. There are several outfitters providing white water rafting fun. One can also report unique experiences exploring caves or places associated with magic and mysticism like Mt. Banahaw and Siquijor. For utter enjoyment, tourists are welcome to partake in fiestas in honor of patron saints.