Philippines: Exotic, Mystical, and lots of Festivals

The Philippines has a lot of exotic and unusual travel experience to offer. There are several outfitters providing white water rafting fun. One can also report unique experiences exploring caves or places associated with magic and mysticism like Mt. Banahaw and Siquijor. For utter enjoyment, tourists are welcome to partake in fiestas in honor of patron saints.

Makati Sightseeing and Activities

Makati is not just about all day shopping or all day work being the main business district in Metro Manila. Makati sightseeing is very much possible with establishments such as the Ayala Museum and the expansive Fort Bonifacio area. The Ayala Museum is not like any other museum and learning about the Philippines has never been this fun or interesting. Fort Bonifacio on the other hand will allow you to do any activity your heart desires when you?re in Manila.