Sierra Madre Myth and an Eternal Promise

A mother’s love for her kids is a favorite story theme in the country. Family ties are strong in the Philippines, vowing to stay together in perpetuity, as a Sierra Madre myth shows. The myth illustrates how Filipina mothers are willing to take on any hardship or punishment just to keep a vow to her husband and keep the children secure.

The Maiden Who was Turned into a Myth

Alurring beauty can sometimes seem like a curse. Without intending to, one can be the object of malicious gossip, lust, envy, and wrath. In fact, even a local myth tells of an innocent young virgin turned into the townfolks’ odium, suffering the lustful appetite of men and the irrational ire of insecure women. But beauty can sometimes last forever, as the myth later concludes.

The Myth about Water in Coconuts

A popular folk myth about coconuts is about the selfishness of a native boy from somewhere in southern Luzon. The popular folk myth goes that the boy, hoarding a precious commodity in time of drought was condemned violently by the people. It should teach us never to deprive folks of a necessity the Creator intended for everybody’s use.