The Maiden Who was Turned into a Myth

Alurring beauty can sometimes seem like a curse. Without intending to, one can be the object of malicious gossip, lust, envy, and wrath. In fact, even a local myth tells of an innocent young virgin turned into the townfolks’ odium, suffering the lustful appetite of men and the irrational ire of insecure women. But beauty can sometimes last forever, as the myth later concludes.

Philippine Myth: The Origin of Turnips

The Philippine myth on how the Filipino term for “turnip” came to be is a quite an amusing myth. It symbolizes how the conquered and the conqueror can sometimes unknowingly help each other to resolve an issue. In this case, the myth tells how the native tuber “SIngkamas” was finally christened by Spaniards and Filipinos without knowing it.