The Folklore About Tabaco, Albay

Though provoked, some people have the discipline and propensity to choose peace than violence. A man from Tabaco, Albay in Legaspi City, according to a folklore, showed this character though faced with a perceived threat. This folklore says, raised up in a culture of bladed weapons, the man still opted for a peaceful resolution of a sensitive situation.

The Myth about the “Maka-Hiya” Weed

Nothing can probably hurt us more than betrayal, like what the story on the Philippine myth about the “maka-hiya” local weed depicts. Love is a precious gem of the heart that is often shared with a select few. But we should learn to give it freely away without expecting anything in return as the myth about the “maka-hiya” will show us.

The Myth on the First Man and Woman

The Philippine myth on how humans came to be is a good example of how necessities become the mother of invention or creation. And also, how incidental things can lead to major events, as lead roles in a theater play depend on the roles of supporting casts. Life, implies this myth, operates in the interaction of minor and major events, minor and major players.