Philippine Cuisine: Common Pork Cuts

One of the secrets in cooking Philippine native dishes using pork is to know what appropriate pork part must go with a certain native cuisine being cooked. Some pork cuts are mostly for main ingredients while others for supplementary ingredients. With such basic knowledge, native pork dishes are better prepared and cooked according to how the masters do them.

Philippine Cuisine: Pickled Pork and Tofu

Pickled pork and tofu is a simple recipe of easy-to-prepare ingredients. But it is a flexible dish served as finger food, appetizer, or main dish even for elegant dinner tables. It is a pride of simple Philippine culinary art.

Philippine Milkfish Sinigang

An all-time trusted and favorite native cuisine is Philippine milkfish “sinigang.” It’s easy to cook and easily delights even the most discriminating palate. This native dish is perpetual thumbs up in Filipino dinner tables.

Philippine Cuisine: Deep-Fried Vegetable Roll

Philippine native cuisine, Deep-Fried Vegetable Rolls, has been a favorite native dish in the country. Served for elegant dinners or simple afternoon snacks, this very nutritious and appetizing native cuisine has been satiating even discriminating palates for centuries.

Philippine Cuisine: Chicken Parts

Native recipes using chicken are perfect native dishes that develop the potentials of chicken. And part of this is knowing specific chicken cuts and what particular native recipes they belong to. Precise cooking is a key to successfully cooking native dishes with chicken.

Chicken Cuisine Binakol Wonder

A super spiced-up chicken recipe that boasts of a tender, savory chicken and a subtle blend of zesty chicken thick sauce. Top these on a hot steaming rice and dinner will never be the same again. That’s what this native cuisine, chicken “binakol” wonder, is all about.

Philippine Crunchy Vegetable Cuisine

Chop Suey is a popular native recipe that is often mistaken to be a Chinese dish. But it is a purely Filipino native dish packed and spiced up with natural native ingredients to perk up the appetite. Even those not keen on eating vegetables will think twice once they sample this native recipe.

Milkfish in Black Beans and Spiced Tofu

Philippine native recipe for cooking milkfish with black beans and spiced tofu is a very rich and healthy native dish that blends the subtle tast of fresh water fish and the appetite-tickling qualities of spicy protein-rich ingredients. This native recipe is a pride of Philippine native dishes.