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Sorsogon Destination Guides

Sorsogon Destination Guides


The economic boom of Sorsogon the past couple of years has led to more businesses relocating to this area and more revenue for the local government. What’s good though about this region is that despite the economic advances it has made, it remains true to its heritage and many Sorsogon destinations are being taken care of by the government and preserved.

Rizal Beach

The province of Sorsogon has its share of magnificent and picturesque beaches that are not like other beaches in the Philippines. Take for instance Rizal Beach which is the most well known Sorsogon destination when it comes to beaches. Found in Gubat, Rizal Beach is about half an hour drive from the city itself and this long stretch of fine white sand makes it a great picnic location for locals and visitors. Rizal Beach has a line of small hotels and resorts that are affordable so in case one is thinking about spending a night or two here, it’s very possible. Day trips to Rizal Beach can also be made by families who just want to enjoy being outdoors or couples who just want to spend a romantic afternoon together. What’s good about this Sorsogon destination is that to go to Rizal Beach will not cost one anything unless of course one opts to stay in one of the resorts. If one wants to do some water sports aside from swimming, the resorts here have equipment for rent to both guests and non-guests.

Mateo Hot and Cold Springs Resort

Veering away from beaches but still on the topic of water and swimming, Mateo Hot and Cold Springs Resort is a great Sorsogon destination found in Irosin. Although Mateo Hot and Cold Springs Resort is in essence a hotel, day trippers are welcome to enjoy the hot and cold springs. It’s actually rare to find both hot and cold springs in one Sorsogon destination so going here is definitely a unique experience and a very relaxing one at that. Many believe that the hot springs at the Mateo Hot and Cold Springs Resort have therapeutic effects but although no one is one hundred percent certain whether it does, it is still very relaxing to just take a dip in it. The hot water at the Mateo Hot and Cold Springs Resort comes from a nearby volcano, Bulusan Volcano. This Sorosogon destination is very famous in the region because there is no place that even comes close to what the Mateo Hot and Cold Springs Resort offers.

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