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Baguio City – A Cool Summer Destination

Baguio City – A Cool Summer Destination

There is so much to see and explore in the beautiful city of Baguio. Located in northern Philippines, it is one of the most favorite travel destinations in the country attracting tourists from different parts of the world.

Hailed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio boasts of a year-round cool climate and nature-clad landscape. Also called The City of Flowers and The City of Pines, a diversity of flora and fauna can be found here as well.

Situated amid pine-covered hills with an expanse of scenic parks, enthralling mountain views and refreshing pine-scented air, it is an excellent place for relaxation as well as exciting discoveries.

What to Explore

Burnham Park – Located in the heart of the city, it has a promenade, a man-made lake ideal for boat rides, a biking area, a skating rink, an athletic field, a grandstand for concerts, a children’s park, and a plant and flower market (the Orchidarium).

Botanical Garden – Also known as Igorot Village, it has Igorot houses amid a garden of plants and flowers where Igorot tribesmen can be seen dressed in their traditional costumes.

Mines View Park – Gives a spectacular view of the valley and the mountains, and Baguio’s old mines.

Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary – Offers an eco-tour of nature through Baguio’s cool climate.

Wright Park – Provides a pony ride around the park.

Baguio Flower Festival (Panagbenga) – Showcases nature’s feast of local flowers in a parade of lovely flower floats, exciting street dancing and exhibits.

Camp John Hay – Formerly the American military personnel’s rest and recreation station, it maintains the best recreation facilities in Baguio, including an 18-hole golf course and a hiking trail; it is also the city’s biggest pine tree conservation area.

The Mansion – The summer residence of the Philippine president, visitors can stroll around its lovely garden.

Philippine Military Academy – A military training institution, hailed as the country’s “West Point,” that has beautiful and green school grounds.

Tam-Awan Village – Has native huts, an art gallery and uphill forest trails ideal for hiking and trekking.

Itogon Wood Carver’s Village – Features the works of independent indigenous wood carvers.

Asin Hot Springs – Has a natural hot spring where swimming pools have been built for the enjoyment of visitors.

Baguio Cathedral – A majestic rose-colored Catholic church built on top of a hill in the heart of the city.

Lourdes Grotto – A shrine located on a hill that has the image of the Lady of Lourdes and can be reached by climbing 252 steps or driving on a narrow, winding road.

Session Road – The main avenue and commercial center of Baguio where numerous shops and restaurants are located.

City Market – One of the country’s best, heaving with fresh vegetables, strawberries, flowers, fruit preserves, peanut brittle and handicrafts, including beautifully woven sweaters and clothing; bargain shopping (ukay-ukay) can also be enjoyed here.

Strawberry Farm – A strawberry plantation where fresh strawberries can be picked/harvested and bought right from the fields.

Six hours away from Manila by bus, Baguio can be reached via three routes: Kennon Road –the fastest route but most dangerous due to frequent landslides during the rainy season, Marcos Highway or Naguilian Road. It can also be accessed via a fifty-minute airplane ride from Manila.

Whichever route is taken, Baguio is a cool and great travel destination to spend summer in when in the Philippines. It is a beautiful gateway to the wonders of nature –the next best thing to a mountain retreat, and an enthralling experience that may even make you want to keep coming back.

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