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How to Register a Business in the Philippines

How to Register a Business in the Philippines

Want to register a business in the Philippines? We’ll tell you where to go and what to get when you register a business. We’ll begin with the easiest one a single proprietorship.

A simple and easy business to register in the Philippines would be a single proprietorship. It has the least amount of documents and items required.

The very first step to register a business in the Philippines would be to apply for a business name at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

The applicant should be at least eighteen years old. Sometimes they would require a certificate from the Philippine National Police or from the National Bureau of Investigation in the area where you want to start a business in Philippines.

At the DTI get an application form, remember to bring two 2″ x 2″ identical color photos and sign them at the back. These photos should have been taken within one preceding year when you register a business in the Philippines.

Another document necessary register a business with a single owner is to present proof of citizenship. If your surname or family name sounds foreign you may inspect your passport (bring it along, it might come in handy). If you register a business where you’ll be a practicing professional (medical doctor, accountant, lawyer etc.) you will be required to present a photocopy of your license from the Philippine Regulatory Commission.

If you want to register a business as a corporation we need to get a certificate of registration from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). A minimum of five people is required to register a business as a corporation, the maximum would be fifteen (majority of these should be residents of the Philippines).

Bring the following to register a business at the SEC:

Your cover sheet
A name verification slip
Registration Data Sheet
Bank Certificate of Deposit for your Paid-up capital
Articles of Incorporation
Undertaking to Change Name
A Treasurer’s Affidavit
Your Corporate By-Laws
Endorsements/clearances from other government agencies
Proof of remittance by foreign corporate subscribers and for a corporation with Foreign Equity
Application Form F-100, for corporations with more than 40% foreign equity

If you want to register a business in the Philippines as a partnership you would also have to go to the SEC. There should at least be two applicants. Majority of the partners should be residents of the Philippines. A partnership in Philippine law is where business partners “contribute money, property, or industry to a common fund with the intention of dividing the profits” among themselves.

Here’s a list of items you should bring to the SEC.

A Cover sheet
A Name verification slip
Your Articles of Partnership
A Registration Data Sheet
Endorsements/clearances from other government agencies
Application Form F-105 (For partnerships with Foreign Partners)
Bank Certificate on the capital contribution of the partners
Proof of Remittance of foreign partners

These are the items you need to bring with you when you register a business in the Philippines. Remember to bring every single item along so you don’t waste time going back and forth.


  1. ivy agustin

    i want to put up a business with foreign partner. together we want to put up a food business (like halo-halo or ice monster) in a mall in a new kind of food to taste (means new in the industry). we want to know what are the things we need to prepare? please help us…

    thank you.

    ivy agustin

  2. Annabel

    i have foreigner client, he wants to do business here in the philippines & pt up a foreign partnership corporation w/ on partner as filipino citizen.

    What are the steps to take in registering the business?
    and how about the process in BIR registration.


  3. Axit Choksi

    hello sir,
    I m an Indian and i want to put a business here in Philippines. I want to do business of Import and Export & I am also interested to do a business with government like to purchase a property of government and sale it. I want to know how to how to register a company if i m going to do this business alone and what if i will do a partnership with any Filipino person.

    Sir i want to know this as soon as it is possible and i will wait for reply.

  4. David Robbins

    I have an existing C-Coproration in the US. We want to do work here in the Philippines. We do not want to establish a new office or a new business. Are there any registration requirements?

  5. Alandrino Verdillo

    We want to change the registered address of our newly registered Corporation with Security and Exchange Commission. Our registered address is South Cotabato but we change our mind we will open in Angeles City. We are told that we can’t have a mayor’s permit in Angeles City because the registered corporation address is South Cotabato. We want to open the business in Angeles City instead of South Cotabato, what shall we do?

  6. Nick

    what if we would like to register a partnership, instead of a single proprietorship? we are both Filipinos, but we would like both of us to reflect as the owners, how does that work? one other thing, how long does the entire registration thing take, before one can actually start doing business?

    thanks much.

  7. arbhee

    good day!

    i was just wondering if i want to put up a business of food supplements that will be imported to the Philippines from Canada what are the process that i should undergo. And i was also thinking of dealership of the products. can you help me?

  8. Judah Hirsch

    Hi arbhee it would depend on the type of ownership structure you are looking for. You can set-up a representative office if you have a company in Canada or another country. If not you can set-up a single proprietorship if you want 100% ownership or as a domestic corporation if you want Filipino directors on your board. After setting up your company you will need to register with BFAD the FDA of the Philippines. Triple I Consulting can assist in all matters relating to setting up a business in the Philippines and getting BFAD registration.

  9. Judah Hirsch

    @Ivy Augustin
    Hi Ivy,

    You need to decide if you’ll put up a partnership or a corporation with your foreign partner, both have it’s pro and cons.

    You’ll also need to register with DTI and BFAD for that type of business.

    Triple I Consulting is able to assist in setting up a food franchise, please contact us for more details

  10. Christopher V. Marcelo

    I am a Filipino employed by a foreign company that manufacture industrial machines. I was tasked to set up a liaison office in the Philippines to establish a contact point for existing customers. The office in the Philippines shall engage only in the facilitation of after-sales service by coordinating with the company’s head office. All transactions shall be handled and processed by the company from abroad. The liaison office will not process nor receive payments from the customers.

    What documents do I need to secure? Thank you very much.

  11. Parvinder Walia

    Dear Sir,

    I am indian and want to start my Food business in Philippines Manila QC.

    Do i need any compulsory filipino partner for my business

    Seeking reply


  12. Vincent Pinto

    We are Malaysians from Malaysia.

    Over the years we have been involved in linking-up with the Agencies in the Philippines to obtain “live bands” for the hotel industry here. Unfortunately, of late we do not seem to be receiving “quality bands” for our clients.
    What would be the requirements for us to set-up a REGISTERED office in the Philippines, to scout for “live bands” and link them up with hotels outside the Philippines.

    We have a Filipino as our local partner.

    Thank you.

  13. George Cole

    I want to have my Import/Export management agency registered for business in the Philippines. I am an American with a Philippine partner that represents the majority holder of the company. What is the quickest and cheapest way to register my company for business in the Philippines?

  14. deborah


    i’m interested to set up a shop in philippines to sell fashion clothings, shoes & bags.
    But would like to know, what’s the start up capital we need to invest. thanks

  15. cherry

    hi…. i want to import food supplements from USA but i dont know how. pls do give me an idea how to import products and what do i need to secure here in our country? thank you

  16. shella

    hi, i want to register a business as an event organizer, what the are the requirements needed? i will not have an office here in cebu as of this time but will be doing it online…how long the process will take?

  17. Delia Canuday

    Hi Judah, maybe you can help me selling my business to a foreigner or be a partner. I have a garment business, specifically, corporate uniforms,my clients are strictly companies we serve their uniform requirements. Our clients are Honda Cars Makati Inc. for 11 years now, doing their staff and technical employees uniforms, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi,are some of my clients. Uniform making business here in the Philippines is a profitable one with ROI can be recovered in a year.I would like to discuss the details to serious taker only. You may contact me to my mobile phone 09474367561. I prefer to meet the prospective buyer/partner in person and visit our working site for reference.

  18. she-she

    we are conducting a feasibility study. we were planning to start up a partnership. how much is the registration cost? what are the other things we need to do? please do some reply.. thank you..

  19. Sylve

    Hi i would like to find out more info on starting a spa in makati. I am a foreigner and is it possible for me to start my business alone without having a Filipino partner? And kindly advice the steps that i should take. As i am very new here, pls be patient with me.

    thank you

  20. ailyn

    Hi Mr. George Cole,

    I am ailyn currently working on a certain customs brokerage…after registration of your company at the BIR you will need a license customs broker for your import/export business … i can help you with your logistics and customs clearance… for the goods you want to import here in the Phils.

  21. Karina Leviste

    I have a small business in the Philippines it’s a general merchandise and it’s doing so well but the thing is that I am abroad and it’s my brother who is running it so far. He is not aware how to pay my income tax and he is not using the columnar provided by BIR. Is it possible that I will be the one who will deposit my taxes coz I don’t want to have problems on my itr since I need it as my support documents for so many reason and purposes? Do hope you could help me resolve my problem. Thank you and more power…

  22. Baby Caroline

    Me and my partner from Australia would want to Introduce Mining Company here in the Philippines … What are the requirements? We also need office space for that.. Hope we could get informations. Thank you!

  23. elgin


    my auntie wants to put up der money in a business so called culinary training school, do my auntie need to register it? in what department or agency? and what are the requirements and procedures do i need to comply?

    and how much the processing fee?
    thanks Gbu.

  24. Glenn

    I would like to inquire of putting a business here in Philippines. I have a product from Belgium and have some branches in some part of Europe. I want to put a branch here in Philippines as well, what would be the first step to start a business here.
    Hoping for your positive response.


  25. san

    i am no longer the owner of a certain business, can the new owner apply for change of ownership of the business and if there will be some irregularities in their handling of business will i be held liable with them? since i am the first owner.
    is it better that we close the business and have them apply for a new business permit?

  26. keiredams

    im pilipino citizen i was working in beatiful island CYPRUS..together with my family and our kindly employer.im just interesting what kind of business we can open in philippines ..thanks for the childrens please help us!anyway im from cavite,city godbless

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