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Here’s for Meaningful Expat Life Weekends

Here’s for Meaningful Expat Life Weekends

Being an expat in the Philippines has lots of advantages, especially for those coming from developed countries. With more than enough money to spare there’s no question about a luxurious expat life here, while at the same time keeping with an obligatory remittance back home. But another consideration is how to have a meaningful expat life in the Philippines—particularly, meaningful expat life weekend work breaks.

Charity work is a very worthwhile expat-life pastime option. It can be a very elating hobby or leisure-time activity. It doesn’t have to be a hefty amount. The emotional returns of charity giving is enormous, to say the least. A group of expats can form a “hobby club” or something whose goal is to do a weekend Samaritan deed to a select group of locals. They can enlist the assistance of social workers in the locality or barangay. Through social workers they can also request police assistance, if they think it necessary. But best of all expats can remain anonymous while channeling donations (in cash or kind) through social work service.

Expat life can also be meaningful through mini scholarship grants. Two or three public elementary pupils can be anonymously sponsored for 6 months or a whole year. An expat can visit a public or even religious elementary school and get hints on who deserves scholarship that can take the form of daily allowance, fare, school supplies, or books and notebooks. Engrossing expat life weekends in such meaningful hobbies as granting scholarships is a good diet for the soul.

Expat life weekends can also be dedicated to organizing youth activities such as glee clubs, dance troupes, drama or oratory clubs, or sports clubs. Speech clubs are very welcome in lots of schools. Schools can be contacted by expats offering this free service. Expats with relevant skills can offer free lessons to students on weekends.

Later, the students can be organized into clubs to do school or interschool performances. This will be exciting and memorable fun moments with dynamic and very artistic Filipino students who love such thoughtful and liberal gestures from foreigners. And the reward is really on the expatriate. Mingling with Filipino youths in such lessons and trainings will make expat life weekends productive and sought after.

A dormant expat life that consists of a monotonous work and home scenery week after week is boring to death. But expat life weekends can be made very meaningful and vibrant with some considerations for charity work.

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