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Dipolog City has a lot of ‘titles’ around its belt. These ‘titles’ just show how Dipolog City had been blessed regarding its natural beauty and wonder. Dipolog City is one of the best places for nature lovers.

Angeles City Sightseeing Guide

An Angeles sightseeing guide will cover both the nighttime and daytime sights and activities in this entertainment capital in the Philippines. Other than the active nightlife that the city is known for, there are many cultural, natural, and historic sights that are worth visiting. All these sights and activities are big reasons why a lot of tourists flock to Angeles City.

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Dipolog City has been recognized as one of the best tourist attractions of the Philippines. Its flora and fauna system has been very rich and because of that, the place had been known as the ‘Orchid City of the Philippines’.

Samar Destination Guides

Samar destinations because of their unspoiled beauty and wonder have become favorites of visitors both local and foreign. The Sohotan Cave is an educational experience and a humbling one at that while the Calbiga Whitewater River provides the ultimate adventure for thrill seekers.

Angeles City Travel Agents

The province of Pampanga is the Philippines’ Culinary Capital. Their festivities or fiestas are defined by tasty delicacies and wonderful cultural heritage that attract visitors and tourists to join them in the celebration.

Dumaguete Transportation

Getting a ride in the Dumaguete transportation system is not that hard. You can choose from one of gazillion of Pedicabs, or simply whistle for a horse and wait patiently for the horse ride. There are also great buses, vans for hire and the good old Filipino symbol; the Jeepney. Get to wherever you need to go in the Motorcycle City of the World.