Puerto Galera Personal Blogs

Puerto Galera has been the best choice for a getaway especially if one is located around Metro Manila and experience a tropical relaxation away from the busy city lifestyle. The place’s white sand shore has been a main attraction not just for city dwellers of Metro Manila, but it has become a popular tourist spot for visitors around the world.

Palawan Perssonal Blogs

Palawan has become a sort of a environmental advocate that teaches everybody that progress and change are not compatible with the preservation of Mother Nature. Palawan is definitely a progressive municipality in the Philippines but it maintained its position towards environmental awareness.

Iloilo Personal Blogs

Iloilo had been blessed by two (2) talented and unique personalities that shaped the course of history of the Philippines. Graciano Lopez-Jaena and Jaime Cardinal Sin had been both the proud children of Iloilo and at the same time the symbols of Philippines’ welfare

Zamboanga Personal Blogs

City of Flowers had been the rightful name for Zamboanga City to describe its mesmerizing beauty and unique charm. This Asia’s Latin City had been been blessed with colorful festivities owing it to various cultures that are prominent in this city.

Makati Personal Blogs

Makati was dubbed as a piece of useless swampy area by Spaniards, but since then because of development, Makati City did not stop this piece of marshy place to be the symbol for Philippines’ financial progress. Makati City is now the Philippines’ ‘Wall Street’-a haven for investors around the globe.

Angeles City Personal Blogs

Angeles City has been developed to an economic processing zone in the Philippines. Since being dubbed as the Philippines’ Red light district, the city tries its best to make that impression a thing in the past. The place tries to emphasize it other potentiality for tourism for the past years.

Philippines Personal Blogs

Philippines is a country blessed with talented individuals. BPO or Business process outsourcing companies thrive because of the versatility of Filipinos in terms of Multitasking. It a matter of recognizing family values that would ensure the growth and stability of Philippines as a competitive country.

Baguio Personal Blogs

Baguio City is definitely one of the best tourist gems of the Philippines. This Summer Capital of the Philippines has attracted tourists and visitors alike because of its ‘cooler’ weather compare to the other noted tourist destinations and its unique heritage. Baguio City has become more than a city for relaxation and leisure; Baguio City has become a symbol of my personality, a place where I was able to see my place in this so-called reality.

Dipolog Personal Blogs

Dipolog City has been recognized as one of the best tourist attractions of the Philippines. Its flora and fauna system has been very rich and because of that, the place had been known as the ‘Orchid City of the Philippines’.