Ambling at UP Diliman

An accessible sanctuary to haunt on weekends is UP Diliman campus. For a weekend trip destination it can give one the quiet, recharging, and amusement one needs for an energized spirit to face new challenges in the coming week.

Cebu Destination Guides

Cebu destinations always have an element of the Spanish occupation of the Philippines and this is because this was where they first settled. The Taoist Temple is a solitary place ideal for quiet moments with loved ones while Fort San Pedro is a place that virtually comes alive once you enter. There are a lot of Cebu destinations worth seeing and these places are just overflowing with historical and religious values.

Legazpi Destination Guides

The Mayon Volcano is known all over the world for its majestic beauty and this Legazpi destination is found in no other place than Albay, Bicol. Legazpi destinations leave tourists in awe of the many wonders of Bicol and allow them to appreciate not just its natural beauty, but also its rich history spanning centuries. Another good Legazpi destination is the Legazpi City Museum where one can learn about the heritage of the Bicolanos visually.

Bulacan: A Town of Caves

Biak-na-Bato is a hill of caves where tourists can safely explore for geological and historical articles. Dare walk where heroes trod; and this in one of many natural tourist sites nearest Manila.

Cut-Jewels in the North Cemetery

Cemeteries are parks carefully landscaped to bring out a sentimental atmosphere for reflection and recollection. But colorful lives resting there create a spirit of quiet celebration when the soul exhilarates for past heroisms. A short trip will refresh mind and soul.

Health and History in Quezon Memorial

Quezon Memorial Circle is just around the corner for most Quezon City and Manila dwellers, and a weekend trip can prove so prolific. Sports, picnic, reflections, dining, shopping, or a simple chat. It’s gentle community and nature all in a circular park.

Sightseeing in Olongapo

Olongapo provides a nice escape for a great weekend. The different fun activities and wonderful recreations bring you closer to nature. A great place to enjoy a walk with colorful scenes in Olongapo would be in the Butterfly Garden.