A Forest Patch Right in Metro Manila

A full forest right where the bustle of the city is roaring. A place for a refreshing walk through the woods with other recreation amenities like swimming, biking, camping, and picnic. One in Manila doesn’t have to get far. It’s right here in Regalado, Quezon City.

A Short Trip to a Forest Right in Metro Manila

A forest reserve right in the heart of Quezon City where recreation and quiet walks can be enjoyed. A come-on for tourists just looking for a quick getaway from the bustles of city-life is the Eco Park in La Mesa Dam. For singles, couples or a family who loves being one with nature.

Angeles City Sightseeing and Activities

You might think that because of Angeles’ proximity to Manila, this city is all about modern entertainment but you will find yourself pleasantly surprised with the quaint charm of must visited Angeles City sightseeing destinations. Bale Matua is rich in historical value while the Deposito holds some of the most important and expensive religious artifacts in the country.

Cut-Jewels in the North Cemetery

Cemeteries are parks carefully landscaped to bring out a sentimental atmosphere for reflection and recollection. But colorful lives resting there create a spirit of quiet celebration when the soul exhilarates for past heroisms. A short trip will refresh mind and soul.

Makati Destination Guides

Makati is known as a commercial district business but not many are aware of the Makati destinations that tourists can visit such as Fort Bonifacio and the Guadalupe Ruins. These Makati destinations are proof that despite modern advances, there are certain things in history that can be preserved and shouldn’t be completely forgotten. Fort Bonifacio is now a commercial district with a couple of historic sites within its premises while the Guadalupe Ruins is something that has been preserved since the 17th century.

Health and History in Quezon Memorial

Quezon Memorial Circle is just around the corner for most Quezon City and Manila dwellers, and a weekend trip can prove so prolific. Sports, picnic, reflections, dining, shopping, or a simple chat. It’s gentle community and nature all in a circular park.

Legazpi Sightseeing and Activities

Legazpi is known for its wonders whether it be the pristine Albay Gulf, the famous Mayon Volcano, the slumbering lion at Kapuntukan Hill or the Albay Park and Wildlife. What’s exceptionally good about these Legazpi sightseeing destinations is that every single member of the family, both young and old can visit these places and have a fantastic time.