Iloilo Travel Guide

Iloilo is a developing and attractive provinces in southern Philippines. To have a remarkable visit to the place, it is best that travelers look at Iloilo travel guides. With the special features of the travel guides on Iloilo hotels, restaurants and tourist spots, they can definitely have a memorable stay in the place.

Iloilo Sightseeing and Activities

Iloilo has many destinations for different kinds of activities for sightseeing tourists. Museums, churches and landmarks afford tourists to know the culture and history of Iloilo. Natural wonders such as beaches and waterfalls makes tourists commune with the environment.

Iloilo City: Great Vacation with a Growing Economy

Iloilo City was a major agricultural exporter back in the colonial era of the Philippines. It is now a big source of highly skilled manpower that strives to boost its economy. It is also a great place to spend your vacation and have a taste of the local culture.

Iloilo Sightseeing Guide

Iloilo is home to myriad types of tourist attractions, from natural wonders to cultural sites. Delight in the various attractions Iloilo has to offer travelers and adventurers.

Iloilo Restaurant Guide

Iloilo is a city that serves as the economic capital of the south western cities of the Philippines.Iloilo is filled with restaurants that offer varying cuisines.Some offer the batchoy which Iloilo is famous for.

Iloilo Hotels and Resorts

Although it’s relatively easy to find a good Iloilo hotel to stay at during your visit because of the numerous hotels here, it’s important to find one that will not just meet your expectations but also exceed them. Days Hotel Iloilo and the Amigo Terrace Hotel are just two of the finest Iloilo hotels that can give you that advantage in accommodation while in the city. Aside from the excellent facilities of these Iloilo hotels, the Days Hotel Iloilo and the Amigo Terrace Hotel are also very affordable.

Hotels in Iloilo City

Here’s what you can expect when you stay in a hotel in Iloilo. There’s the good and the bad when it comes to the details, but in spite of the bad… it’s worth the stay in this Philippine town.

Iloilo Beach Guide

Iloilo is a progressive city in the southern area of the Philippines. Many tourists come to Iloilo to see different cultural, historical and natural sights including good beaches.

Iloilo Hotel Guide

Iloilo is one of the popular and interesting provinces in the Philippines. To make sure that they will have a remarkable and safe stay in the province, there are Iloilo hotel guides that they can use to have ideas about the facilities, accommodation rates and locations of famous hospitality service providers in the place.