Iloilo Beach Guide

Iloilo is a progressive city in the southern area of the Philippines. Many tourists come to Iloilo to see different cultural, historical and natural sights including good beaches.

Bird Watching at Rajah Sikatuna National Park

Bird watching is a great and fun activity for people of all ages. The nature trek in Rajah Sikatuna National Park is a great opporutnity for you to see a wide variety of birds. The Rajah Sikatuna National Park is tuly a haven for nature lovers.

A glimpse of paradise – Boracay Island

Boracay Island, is rated as one of the world’s best beaches. Up to this moment, it prospers by a sweeping number of establishments that make a commitment of making your vacation as mesmerizing as ever. Located in the Philippines, Boracay Island is a welcome experience to those who want to mix fun and relaxation in this ultimate beach hub.

Dumaguete Transportation

Getting a ride in the Dumaguete transportation system is not that hard. You can choose from one of gazillion of Pedicabs, or simply whistle for a horse and wait patiently for the horse ride. There are also great buses, vans for hire and the good old Filipino symbol; the Jeepney. Get to wherever you need to go in the Motorcycle City of the World.

Exotic Bohol’s Seafood Festival Bargains

There are Bohol island restaurants suited to most every kind of budget. To travelers and tourists, the rich variety of the freshest seafoods and tropical fruits and vegetables may prove a one of a kind experience.

Boracay Education

Aside from its reputation as one of the coolest and hippest hangouts in the Philippines during summer season, Boracay also has a number of premier universities and colleges that offer students outstanding academic programs. The impressive Boracay education system is comprised of tertiary schools like STI College-Kalibo, Garcia College of Technology and Aklan State University. In addition, these schools charge reasonable tuition fees to all their students.

Crystal Sand Beach Resort in Boracay

Taste the luxury of being an important visitor in the Philippines by staying in a resort where every visitoe becomes a member of one big family. Experience sunbathing to the glorious place of Boracay. Visit and have fun.

Dumaguete Travel Agents

History attested to the beauty and natural wonders of Dumaguete City as the very reason why visitors come and stay for good the said place. As a coastal city, the place is blessed with diving spots and other marine related sports activities such as dolphin watching and kayaking are thriving.

Dumaguete Travel Guide

The Dumaguete Travel Guide takes you to places in Dumaguete that are totally different from one another. Experience Philippines world class dive site or relive the fierce battles in the World War II on the Japanese Shrine. You can also celebrate in the little Negros Town with the rest of the cities people.