Leyte Hotel Guide

Leyte is home to many historical landmarks of the Philippines. Many tourists go here to enjoy the historical sights and to have a good time in the beach.There are many hotels where you can stay when you visit Leyte.

Bird Watching at Rajah Sikatuna National Park

Bird watching is a great and fun activity for people of all ages. The nature trek in Rajah Sikatuna National Park is a great opporutnity for you to see a wide variety of birds. The Rajah Sikatuna National Park is tuly a haven for nature lovers.

Leyte Travel Guide

Leyte is one of the provinces in the Philippines that attract many tourists and travelers because of its rich history and culture. To have a worry-free visit to the province, there are Leyte travel guides that feature attractions in the place. The guides also feature hotels and restaurants where they can relax and unwind.

Boracay Regency Beach Resort

Regency Hotel in Boracay is one of the best and well known establishment in the island. Caering to all the relaxation, entertainment and personal needs of each and every client. The Regency Hotel and Beach resort is in the heart of the Boracay Island where clients are accessible to all the amenities of the hotel and the events at the beach.

Leyte Sightseeing Guide

Leyte is a province which has a historical siginificance to the country. Limasawa Island is the sight of the first Christian Mass in 1521.

Leyte Destination Guides

The province of Leyte can best be described by the adjective multi-faceted and anyone who visited Leyte destinations can say it was an enriching experience. Aside from the warm Filipino hospitality, the historical importance of these Leyte destinations shouldn’t be undermined. The Red Beach for instance was the venue of a historical event that led to the liberation of the Filipinos. The Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum on the other hand has managed to collect and display Leyte’s most precious possessions.

Samar Hospitals and Health Care

Samar is a province in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines that aims to enhance the lifestyle as well as the health conditions of residents in the area. To attain this objective, the provincial government opens public Samar hospitals and health care units that offer free consultations and discounted medical supplies to patients. In addition to these establishments, there are also private health care establishments that offer immediate and high quality medical services at reasonable costs.

Club Ten Beach Resort in Boracay

Visiting Boracay would be incomplete without staying at the Club Ten Beach Resort. The Beach Resort that combines Philippine and Latin American Style. It offers more than usual hotel accomodations.

Samar Restaurant Guide

Samar is now recognized as one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. You can tour the city and the beaches when you are in Samar. Tourists will also enjoy different dishes in various restaurants in Samar.

Iloilo City: Great Vacation with a Growing Economy

Iloilo City was a major agricultural exporter back in the colonial era of the Philippines. It is now a big source of highly skilled manpower that strives to boost its economy. It is also a great place to spend your vacation and have a taste of the local culture.