Nature Trips in the Philippines

Whether trying to discover great waters or mountains for a few days or retirement and cannot decided which really—beach or mountain—come to Philippines where a split second decision to go to the beach when planning for mountain climbing is possible.

Philippines Destination Guides

There are so many Philippine destinations worth seeing that it’s impossible to know where to start. If you’re only in the Philippines for a short vacation, check out the Philippine destinations that come highly recommended such as Baguio City and the Banawe Rice Terraces. Philippines destinations give you an opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty of the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”.

Reluctant Skydivers

Skydiving is not an extreme sport. It is suicidal. And I came to this conclusion a couple of hours too late. Then I was alarmed at the speed I’m falling. I held on and the parachute opened, slowing me down. After a few moments, I can see people waiting for me.