Philippine Travel – Asia’s Pride

The Philippines boasts of great travel destinations. Many places are considered to be world class vacation spots. Going to the Philippines can provide a very good experience especially to first time travelers. The availability of many conveniences for vacation spots is one way that can enhance the enjoyment of a visitor.

Reluctant Skydivers

Skydiving is not an extreme sport. It is suicidal. And I came to this conclusion a couple of hours too late. Then I was alarmed at the speed I’m falling. I held on and the parachute opened, slowing me down. After a few moments, I can see people waiting for me.

Baguio Transportation

Local Baguio transportation is one of the best ways to get around the summer capital of the Philippines without the hefty costs. Getting to Baguio is much easier nowadays with the abundance of public transportation which make daily trips to this city. If you’re planning to go to Baguio, know how to get around and have the best time while you’re there.

Philippine Traveling Moments

Together with my second brother, Raul, we traveled by bus for nearly eight hours and when we arrived, I heard my mother complain to our distant relatives. She said we seemed to have reached the end of the world. For me, it wasn’t so. Deep inside, I knew that my traveling adventures had just begun.

Iloilo Personal Blogs

Iloilo had been blessed by two (2) talented and unique personalities that shaped the course of history of the Philippines. Graciano Lopez-Jaena and Jaime Cardinal Sin had been both the proud children of Iloilo and at the same time the symbols of Philippines’ welfare

Philippines: Exotic, Mystical, and lots of Festivals

The Philippines has a lot of exotic and unusual travel experience to offer. There are several outfitters providing white water rafting fun. One can also report unique experiences exploring caves or places associated with magic and mysticism like Mt. Banahaw and Siquijor. For utter enjoyment, tourists are welcome to partake in fiestas in honor of patron saints.

Angeles City Festivals and Events

Angeles City is very close to Manila and because it’s only a two hour drive from the bustling metropolis, many people frequent this place to unwind or to participate in Angeles City festivals. The Sisig Festival is a much awaited celebration annually and a yummy one at that with this famous pork dish getting all the attention. The Hot Air Balloon Festival on the other hand is an all new different kind of adventure altogether.