Beware on a Stormy Day Travel

Fun trips in the country are always exciting activities. But a stormy weather may spoil it. A few practical traveling tips can enable one to push through with the planned travel to make one’s day.

The Philippine “Jeepney”

Philippine transport is spiced up on the road by a unique public vehicle traceable to the US army jeep in World War II. Nowhere else in the world do jeepneys ply the roads and highways so proudly except in the Philippines.

Travel Convenience in a New Location

New in the neighborhood? Better be up and roaming around for very important travel route studies. They save time and embarrasment. Nobody wants to be the talk of the neighborhood, especially about “a new guy getting lost in these parts.”

Dipolog Transportation

Dipolog transportation is something that everyone, residents and tourists alike can safely take to get their destination no matter how far or near. What type of Dipolog transportation to take really depends on one’s budget and preference as well as how fast one needs to be in this city. To get around Dipolog with greater easer, find out what the available forms of Dipolog transportation are.

Makati Transportation

As the center of business in the country, Makati has different modes of transportation to take the employees and businessmen to their destinations. The diversity and the increase in the modes of Makati transportation has definitely increased the rate of growth in the number of businesses in Makati.

When to Use What Public Transport

Travelling around cities is a heavy burden when one doesn’t know how to travel around them. Knowing the specific uses of different public vehicles and the major and minor routes around would be like a thorn off one’s throat.