C-5, A Fast Route to Novaliches

Metro travel can be very tiring especially in the environs of Metro Manila. But there’s a fast route that covers cities and districts south to north of the metropolis. C-5 is a wise choice in a traffic crisis.

Bacolod Transportation

Getting to Bacolod is not a question of how but entails selection from among the different modes of Bacolod transportation. Getting to Bacolod can be done both by plane or by sea and once in the city itself, there are jeepneys, busses and taxis that can take you to your destination. How you would like to get to Bacolod and your preferred choice of getting around the city has been made much easier with upgrades in Bacolod transportation

Travel Convenience in a New Location

New in the neighborhood? Better be up and roaming around for very important travel route studies. They save time and embarrasment. Nobody wants to be the talk of the neighborhood, especially about “a new guy getting lost in these parts.”

Beware on a Stormy Day Travel

Fun trips in the country are always exciting activities. But a stormy weather may spoil it. A few practical traveling tips can enable one to push through with the planned travel to make one’s day.

Enjoying Philippine Transportation More

Philippine transportation can offer us slices of Philippine life at a glance.It is as rich as an actual tour of the city. And the most thrilling is that a Philippine transportation experience can afford a more exciting glimpse of a real, common Filipino in action.