Legazpi Transportation

Knowing the different modes of Legazpi transportation is useful if you’re planning to visit this beautiful province. If you’re visiting and want to learn the culture of the inhabitants of the province, taking a Legazpi transportation to get around various destinations in the city is an enriching experience. Aside from being safe and affordable, these modes of Legazpi transportation are comfortable.

The Perfect Philippine Travel Tour Option

Posh hotels, fine dining in luxury native restaurants, and traveling in fine cars. This is the traditional Philippine travel tour option. But the pefect travel tour is to go along routes and stay in places where the majority Filipinos do.

Jeepneys, Philippine Cultural Way of Travel

If you want to know what Filipino culture is like, try riding a jeepney. This unique way to travel in the Philippines is a warm welcome to the history and hospitality that is uniquely Filipino. It might just be a travel experience that will warm your heart.

The Art of Traveling in a Jeepney

This essay teaches those people who want to travel in the Philippines on how to use jeepneys as a means of transportation when going around the city. There are also tips on how to appear polite when riding jeepneys.

Iloilo Transportation

The province of Iloilo has a very developed system of Iloilo transportation that even first time visitors would feel safe taking. There are various forms of Iloilo transportation that you can take to get to your destination and they’re all affordable so it really all boils down to preference. Make sure to at least try out an Iloilo transportation when you’re visiting this fabulous city.

Tagbilaran Transportation

Tagbilaran transportation is safe, accessible and convenient making it an ideal vacation getaway because of the costs that can be cut down when it comes to getting around the city. The different modes of Tagbilaran transportation available are mini buses and jeepneys but there are always the tricycles for shorter distances. If you really want to get a feel of Tagbilaran, it is recommended that you try at least one of their public transportation.

C-5, A Fast Route to Novaliches

Metro travel can be very tiring especially in the environs of Metro Manila. But there’s a fast route that covers cities and districts south to north of the metropolis. C-5 is a wise choice in a traffic crisis.