Manila Restaurants

There is a wide array of Manila restaurants. One is sure to fit into one diner’s craving and budget. Whether you seek authentic Filipino delicacies or International cuisine, Manila restaurants can offer something to you!

Makati Restaurants

Makati City, Philippines is not only home to the financial services industry or the business process outsourcing industry but it is also home to the food industry. Numerous restaurants may be seen in Makati City and most of these restaurants operate successfully.

Hands-on Philippine Restaurants

Some Philippine restaurants in the late 1970s started with a bare-handed (hands-on)dining concept after the native dining of Filipinos. The restaurant concept proved a hit and earned profits for the restaurateurs ever since.

How to Enjoy Philippine Restaurants More

There are many ways on how to enjoy Philippine restaurants more. Just be the perfect customer to them and the rewards are sure to flow one’s way soon. Philippine restaurants mostly look for patrons to pamper and getting tips on how to be that pampered customer is rewarding.

Tagbilaran Restaurants

Tagbilaran is known for its warmth and hospitality but not many know that Tagbilaran restaurants offer a unique dining experience. Saya’s Restaurant turns otherwise common dishes into delicious and unique ones and these are served by cheerful service personnel. Ruby Stone Music Bar and Restaurant on the other hand combines entertainment and dining so if you’re looking for a complete package, this is a place you simply must try.

Legazpi Restaurants

Bicol Express is a delicacy that you should definitely try when in Bicol and there are several Legazpi restaurants that serve this dish at an affordable price. For a romantic dinner, the Tago Tago Garden is a Legazpi restaurant that is highly recommended with its garden ambience and concept of dining under the stars. For those who are not sure whether it’s Chinese or Filipino food that should be tried first, Cres Restaurant serves both so you don’t have to make that hard choice.

Much Ado About Eating in the Philippines

Troubled in looking for the best restaurants in Metro Manila? Know the specialties of some of the box-office hit restos in the Philippines. The list can go on and on. One thing’s for sure though, there’s always a restaurant in the Philippines to satisfy your craving.