A Boracay Primer

Boracay is still the favorite among Philippine tourists. But some fear that progress may be damaging the natural landscape of the island resort. Well, it does teem with complementary infrastructure development to further highlight it’s island paradise appeal.

Wonders of Lingayen Gulf

Lingayen Gulf shelters a number of elegant beaches along a string of coastal towns. It boasts of crystal clear waters around the famous Hundred Islands National Park. One finds its waters vibrant yet tame in the concave natural breakwaters of Lingayen Gulf.

Philippines Beach Guide

Philippine beaches are infused with the mentality of the Filipino people and some sugar and spice that you can find in the Philippines Beach Guide. Explore the different beaches throughout the Philippines and compare the different experiences to learn more about Filipino culture.

Bacolod Destination Guides

Sipaway Island and Sipalay Beach although they sound the same are two different Bacolod destinations that will allow you to bask in the sun the whole day should you decide to, or engage in several water sports all in one day. Beaches are among the favorite Bacolod destinations because of the untainted water, diverse marine life, accessibility from the city and the warmth exuded by the locals.