Palawan Beach Guide

Palawan is a top destination that should be in your list of islands to visit in the Philippines.There are several islands you can visit in Palawan like Lagen island and El Nido.

Palawan Perssonal Blogs

Palawan has become a sort of a environmental advocate that teaches everybody that progress and change are not compatible with the preservation of Mother Nature. Palawan is definitely a progressive municipality in the Philippines but it maintained its position towards environmental awareness.

Palawan Destination Guides

To visit Palawan destinations is a good way to get in touch with nature with loved ones and have a blast at the same time. The El Nido Marine Reserve is the biggest marine reserve on the island and top this off with beautiful beaches and splendid resorts, and one has an adventure filled holiday waiting. The Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is where exotic land animals can be found, most of them rare species.

Palawan Restaurant Guide

Palawan is one of the most beautiful place in the Philippines. It is called the last frontier of the country and after a tiring day of exploring Palawan you can dine in several restaurants in the province.

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Palawan Island is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines especially for tourists and visitors who love to spend their vacation with the beauty of Nature. Eco-Tourism is considered to be one of the economic drives of Palawan Island and the local government tries to maintain the wonders of island.

Palawan Hotel Guide

The Palawan Hotel Guide takes you through the entire paradise island of the Philippine to show you the best hotels there are. Visit all kinds of hotels from three star hotels to luxurious five star hotels on their private island.

Puerto Princesa Beach Guide

The beaches in Puerto Princesa are filled with fishes and corals. Diving, snorkeling and swimming are some of the best activities you can do while you are in Puerto Princesa.

Palawan Hotels and Resorts

Palawan not only brags about ecotourism, primary virgin forests and the diversity of its marine life, it is equally proud of its Palawan hotels that more than meet worldwide hospitality standards. El Nido is all about privacy and seclusion, and there are several great hotels there including the Lagen Island Resort. If you’re after something that is a little closer to the town and provides good value for money, Asturias Hotel Palawan is among the options.

Palawan Travel Guide

Palawan travel guide is a helpful tool that travelers can use to make their stay at the island of Palawan, Philippines, worry-free and enjoyable. The guide offers information on how to get to tourist destinations, hotels and restaurants in the province, where people can unwind, relax and have fun.

Puerto Princesa Sightseeing Guide

A Puerto Princesa sightseeing guide will take you through an ecological tour. Visitors will enjoy both the amazing wildlife and the fun water activities like diving and snorkeling. Everyone who tours Puerto Princesa City will be treated to one of the places in the Philippines that deserves to be called paradise.