The Myth about the “Maka-Hiya” Weed

Nothing can probably hurt us more than betrayal, like what the story on the Philippine myth about the “maka-hiya” local weed depicts. Love is a precious gem of the heart that is often shared with a select few. But we should learn to give it freely away without expecting anything in return as the myth about the “maka-hiya” will show us.

The Myth on Why Fireflies Have Lights

Be careful what we love looking at or we might be entranced to wish to be like it in some way. A myth on how fireflies came to have lights in them says that too much fascination with a star apple tree made them wish to become starflies. And in a certain extent, they did become what the star apple was like.

The Amazing Myth on Lam-ang

Lam-ang was a mythical epic hero from the Northern Luzon who allegedly possessed extraordinary strength and wisdom. Lam-ang’s myth is typical of the Northern people’s propensity to take on challenges to the end. Lam-ang’s myth reflects the courage and undying resolve of Ilocanos to to finish a task.

The Myth about Dama de Noche

Dama de Noche is a famous flower plant that emits a strong, sweet fragrance at night. A Philippine myth on it says it started with a young beautiful woman who was fond of fragrances till the day she died. The myth shows that what a person really is in life is carried over even in death.

Katipunan Tales in Quezon City

The scant remaining original residents north of Quezon City can still reminisce tales told them when they were kids by their old folks. The place was said to be breeding ground of unsung heroes in the Katipunan days. A scent of the glorious past still lingers in the modern streets and disrticts of the place, impressed with the preserved original names of localities.

A Visayan Genesis Tale

A version of creation tells of how the Philippine archipelago and its inhabitants came into being. Not only that, it also reflects how courage, adventurism, cordiality, and romance roll into one to concoct the Filipino spirit.

A Myth on Mayon Volcano

One myth on the Mayon Volcano is actually a figurative narrative of the exploits of a heroic people called the Bicolanos. Personified in the courage and skills of three epic chieftains, Bicolanos, though not mentioned even once in the myth, unmistakably inspired it and several other epic myths on Mayon.

The Myth about the Sugarcane

The Philippine myth about the sugarcane is a story on searching for meanings in life. Life can only have meaning, says this myth, if our experience of it is sweet. Without this, the myth avers that achievements, no matter how grand, lose meaning. The myth suggests that the best things in life are sweet.