The Myth about the Cashew Nut

Each part of creation was specifically designed for a purpose. Defying that purpose would only result to further harm. A Philippine myth on cashew nuts confirms this idea and tells about creatures that wished something contrary to their nature. Unfortunately, their wish came true.

The Legend of La Union Province

Sibling fights among young Filipino brothers are common. But parents sometimes use old stories to teach youngsters to love each other. Among the stories is the legend of La Union. Love broke the years-old quarrels of 2 brothers, according to the legend of La Union.

A Philippine Tale on Black Cats

Black cats have earned the infamy for carrying bad luck around. A Philippine tale on them is the culprit. The tale begins with a village boy a longtime ago and somehow ends up in common backyards today. There’s a moral in the tale: Black cats will be black cats and boys will be boys.

Folklore on Why We Cook the Foods We Eat

When something is urgently sought for, an accidental discovery is bound to show up—or at least that’s what a Philippine folklore says. The folklore on why we cook the foods we eat is an example of how an urgent activity led to an important albeit accidental discovery that started culinary arts.

Ghost Myths of San Juan, La Union

Aside from its blue sea, rolling waves, vibrant sea life and clean beaches, San Juan in La Union in Northen Luzon hides thrilling secrets in its mysterious old historical ruins and old Hispanic buidings. Little tales of spooks sometimes add color to a hometown vacation.

A Visayan Genesis Tale

A version of creation tells of how the Philippine archipelago and its inhabitants came into being. Not only that, it also reflects how courage, adventurism, cordiality, and romance roll into one to concoct the Filipino spirit.

The Myth about the Lanzones Fruit

A lot of people are afraid of new and untried things. They would rather not have anything to do with them. But there are people who are lured by strange things, but often end up harmed. A few learn the wisdom in trying new things in the right way. A myth on the Lanzones fruit tells exactly how new things, done in the proper way, can prove to be very beneficial.