A Philippine Tale on Angels

A Philippine tale on angels discusses the possibility of good persons turning into guardian angels. This tale says such angels are tasked with rescuing and helping earthly family members. So the more good guys are rasied up in a family, the more that family gets heavenly connections.

The Philippine Myth on Maria and the Crab

A mother’s undying and boundless love for her child—this is a favorite theme of countless Filipino stories and TV soap operas. Filipino families being closely-knitted together, a Philippine myth on Maria and the Crab would be a best selling hit. It focuses on the unfailing love of a mother for a child, even taking this to spiritual extremes.

A Myth on the Philippine Archipelago

A long time ago, after Spain christianized the country, many believed that the Philippines had a divine destiny in the far east. A local myth corroborates this assumption and tells of a supernatural intervention from heaven to save the natives from a foreign invasion. This myth seems to be believed in even today by religious citizens.

The Folklore About Tabaco, Albay

Though provoked, some people have the discipline and propensity to choose peace than violence. A man from Tabaco, Albay in Legaspi City, according to a folklore, showed this character though faced with a perceived threat. This folklore says, raised up in a culture of bladed weapons, the man still opted for a peaceful resolution of a sensitive situation.

The Myth on the First Man and Woman

The Philippine myth on how humans came to be is a good example of how necessities become the mother of invention or creation. And also, how incidental things can lead to major events, as lead roles in a theater play depend on the roles of supporting casts. Life, implies this myth, operates in the interaction of minor and major events, minor and major players.