Laoag Transportation

Laoag is the proud capital of Ilocos Norte and it has every reason to brag with its culture and heritage well preserved in historical landmarks as well as convenient modes of Laoag transportation that just about anybody can feel safe and comfortable taking. Know how to get around Laoag and which type of Laoag transportation to take to help you get to your destination faster.

Subic Bay Restaurants

Subic Bay is an accessible vacation place. It can be reached within less than two hours of land travel from the Philippines capital, Manila. Yet, it offers a wide array of adventures for every kind of exploring tourists. Food lovers, for example, will enjoy a high time in Subic Bay …

Natural Springs and Caves of Biak Na Bato

Biak Na Bato is an enchanting historical spot rich in the nostalgic echoes of the historic past. Within this cave sanctuary lies not only the memories of a fledgling nation but the the fountain of natural spring that flows life to many cities.

Healing Spree at Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Springs in Laguna is one more local wonder that tourists must experience. It is a healing tourist spot that drives away urban ills through the soothing heat of bubbly natural hot springs.

Laoag Shopping

Laoag is a progressive city in Ilocos Norte that features inviting and comfortable shopping places like malls, souvenir shops and wet markets. Tourists who want to shop for affordable keepsakes should visit the dry section of the City Market as well as the famous souvenir store Sarusar. Travelers who want to relax and unwind can spend some time at SM City, which features different dining establishments, retail stores and home improvement shops.

Laoag’s Best Ten

There are ten good reasons why a Laoag trip is a must–ten fascinating tourists spots await the eager traveler raring for sun-embraced white beaches and visits to the historic past. And the warmth of Ilocanos is simply irresistible.

Angeles City Travel Agents

The province of Pampanga is the Philippines’ Culinary Capital. Their festivities or fiestas are defined by tasty delicacies and wonderful cultural heritage that attract visitors and tourists to join them in the celebration.

Subic Bay Resorts Offer Variety of Activities

Subic Bay free port in the Philippines offers not only employment to Filipinos but leisure and recreation to tourists as well.It has casinos, duty free shops, zoo, dolphin shows and restaurants. Outside the complex, beach resorts, night clubs, spas, abound.