Baguio Hotels and Resorts

Baguio’s cool climate is the reason why so many flock to this place during summer, and why it’s called the Summer Capital. Baguio hotels are situated in a beautiful city that has picturesque views and there are 36 hotels to choose from in this place. Among the many Baguio hotels, here’s a closer look at Supreme Hotel and the Camp John Hay Manor to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of hospitality when you’re there.

Legazpi Travel Guide

Legazpi is the site of the famous Mayon Volcano. The Cagsawa Ruins is the remains of a church buried during the 1814 eruption of Mayon Volcano.

A Visit to UST, Manila

A very educational trip will be a tour of the University of Santo Tomas or UST in Manila. A tourist in Manila aching for a good scoop of fine preserved history would strut headlong to this campus and its historical building.

Makati Restaurant Guide

Consult any Makati restaurant guide and find out that classy restaurants in this city, aside from serving only the best dishes, are actually easy to find. The three main locations where they are situated look delightfully flashy as well, as many Makati restaurant guide features would aver.

Makati Sightseeing Guide

Makati City is the commercial and entertainment center of the Philippines with each attraction more enticing than the last. Indulge your senses by visiting the various landmarks in Makati City.

What’s along EDSA?

A cruise along EDSA is like a tour of the whole metropolis. The highway scenes depict windows of Metro life in motion. A better view would be a trip aboard EDSA MRT for a quick visual but which sticks dearly in the memory.

Baguio Festivals and Events

The Kadayawan Festival and the Baguio Flower Festival are only two of the celebrated events in the “Summer Capital” of the Philippines. These festivals highlight the beauty of Baguio and the peaceful interaction among its locals despite their diversity. The Kadayawan Festival is all about unity while the Baguio Flower Festival has a global perspective and promotes the need to save the environment.

Corregidor Adventure

Centuries of history cover the enigmatic island of Corrigidor. This tourist spot has been the hang out of foreigners since early times. With much major events surrounding the island it is a historical spot to see.

A Peek at Quezon City’s Beginnings

Quezon City was a sleeping giant in the early 1930s. Then Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon started conceptualizing a modern city rising from the mud paddies of a vast, sprawling rustic estate. It materialized in 1948 to become the city capital replacing Manila for almost 30 years.

Puerto Galera Travel Guide

Puerto Galera is one of the nearest islands with fine beaches from the city of Manila. The island cannot maintain an aiport so tourists can get there by riding a bus going to the Batangas port then take a boat ride for Puerto Galera.