Philippine Adobo (Dry)

If the discriminating palates are craving for a taste that launches gourmets grabbing for ample portions, be sure of it, pork-chicken adobo is the native cuisine one’s after. The dry kind.

Philippine Crunchy Vegetable Cuisine

Chop Suey is a popular native recipe that is often mistaken to be a Chinese dish. But it is a purely Filipino native dish packed and spiced up with natural native ingredients to perk up the appetite. Even those not keen on eating vegetables will think twice once they sample this native recipe.

Philippine “Pochero”

Coming from a high class of native dishes originally Filipino-Spanish, Philippine pochero is one of a kind native cuisine that blends excellent taste and perfect nutrition. It was certified so by no less than strict Spanish gourmets.

Milkfish in Black Beans and Spiced Tofu

Philippine native recipe for cooking milkfish with black beans and spiced tofu is a very rich and healthy native dish that blends the subtle tast of fresh water fish and the appetite-tickling qualities of spicy protein-rich ingredients. This native recipe is a pride of Philippine native dishes.

Philippine Cuisine: Pickled Pork and Tofu

Pickled pork and tofu is a simple recipe of easy-to-prepare ingredients. But it is a flexible dish served as finger food, appetizer, or main dish even for elegant dinner tables. It is a pride of simple Philippine culinary art.

Philippine Cuisine Boiled Spiced Beef

A popular and most sought-after Philippine cuisine is Boiled Spiced Beef, or “Nilagang Baka” in the vernacular. It is a native recipe of excellent blends, rich beefy goodness and the raw sweetness of vegetables, spiced up for a succulent beef stew native dish.

Sweet and Sour Adobo Pork and Chicken

The native cuisine, sweet and sour pork and chicken adobo, is a delicious native recipe that has been around for centuries. It is a favorite take-out or dine-in meal, and it lasts longer than any other native cuisine. Thus, this native recipe is a favorite picnic food option.

Luscious Cuisine: Pork Liempo with Langka

Pork ‘liempo” with jackfruit is a recipe that exploits the potential of pork, jackfruit, tomato sauce, and native finger chili. The secret is in the simmering of ingredients to attain a subtle blend of flavors that result in a super spicy cuisine.

Philippine Cuisine Tagalog “Bachoy”

Philippine native Tagalog dish “Bachoy” is a secret a few select families keep, and fewer restaurants know of. It is a unique native cuisine that capitalizes on striking flavors that is rich, meaty, spicy, and naturally sweet.