Almon Bigas, Tagalog Philippine Cuisine

All delicious and nutritious “Almon Bigas” is an old Tagalog dish that combines the secret food preparations of the Chinese, Spaniards, and Tagalogs. This Tagalog cuisine is a complete dinner, with meat, soup, eggs, and rice noodles in a gourmet concoction.

A Lot of Ado About Adobo

Adobo is a part of Philippine cuisine that has a Spanish influence. Don’t be surprised if this’ll be the first dish you’ll sample. It is a mouth watering welcome to Filipino hospitality.

Philippine Cuisine Spiced Up the Ilocano Way

Choice pork and fresh, crunchy, and super healthy vegetables in a steaming hot stew of lycopene-rich native tomatoes and onions. That’s the luscious native cuisine, Pinakbet. It’s been a popular dish since man began to savor good cooking.

Sweet and Sour Adobo Pork and Chicken

The native cuisine, sweet and sour pork and chicken adobo, is a delicious native recipe that has been around for centuries. It is a favorite take-out or dine-in meal, and it lasts longer than any other native cuisine. Thus, this native recipe is a favorite picnic food option.

Philippine Cuisine Tilapia Paksiw

Another “paksiw” variation is trout paksiw which has been a favorite Philippine cuisine in the country. It has several varieties that exploit the subtle qualities of the native fresh water fish mixed in a sweet-sour stew of mixed vegetables.