Philippine Cuisine: Pickled Pork and Tofu

Pickled pork and tofu is a simple recipe of easy-to-prepare ingredients. But it is a flexible dish served as finger food, appetizer, or main dish even for elegant dinner tables. It is a pride of simple Philippine culinary art.

What is Hot and Spicy in Bicol?

“Hot” foods in the Philippines conjure up imageries of Bicol’s hot and spicy cuisines. Foremost of this is the famous Bicol Express–so-called because you’re gonna finish platefuls of it real fast to have some more, pronto! That’s how finger licking good it is.

Native Cuisine Pineapple Steak

The Philippine version of beef steak—mixed with pineapple—is a unique rendition of the cuisine. It is enhanced with the subtle sweet-sour taste of canned pineapple and its succulent juice flavor to come up with a delicious native dish that tangs in the mouth.

Philippine Cuisine Spiced Up the Ilocano Way

Choice pork and fresh, crunchy, and super healthy vegetables in a steaming hot stew of lycopene-rich native tomatoes and onions. That’s the luscious native cuisine, Pinakbet. It’s been a popular dish since man began to savor good cooking.

Philippine Adobo (Dry)

If the discriminating palates are craving for a taste that launches gourmets grabbing for ample portions, be sure of it, pork-chicken adobo is the native cuisine one’s after. The dry kind.

Philippine Crunchy Vegetable Cuisine

Chop Suey is a popular native recipe that is often mistaken to be a Chinese dish. But it is a purely Filipino native dish packed and spiced up with natural native ingredients to perk up the appetite. Even those not keen on eating vegetables will think twice once they sample this native recipe.

Almon Bigas, Tagalog Philippine Cuisine

All delicious and nutritious “Almon Bigas” is an old Tagalog dish that combines the secret food preparations of the Chinese, Spaniards, and Tagalogs. This Tagalog cuisine is a complete dinner, with meat, soup, eggs, and rice noodles in a gourmet concoction.