Zamboanga Personal Blogs

City of Flowers had been the rightful name for Zamboanga City to describe its mesmerizing beauty and unique charm. This Asia’s Latin City had been been blessed with colorful festivities owing it to various cultures that are prominent in this city.

Cebu Personal Blogs

Cebu City is a highly urbanized place in the Visayas Region in the Philippines. Unlike some of the recognized urban places around the Philippines, Cebu City was able to preserve its historical and religious prestige with the current advances for the past years.

Bacolod Personal Blogs

Lists some of the spots tourists should visit whenever they intend to travel to Bacolod. Some sightseeing, sampling the local cuisine and a bit of interaction with the locals is what makes a great trip to Bacolod.

Samar Personal Blogs

The beauty of Samar has not been totally explored by nature lovers and those who want to relax. This goes to the place of Catarman-a haven of relaxation and a place to enjoy the wonders of nature at the same time.

Dumaguete Personal Blogs

Dumaguete City is one of the tourist spots in the Philippines that is ever faithful to its name. ‘Snatching’ the hearts of tourist and visitors alike is definitely a trait of this city because of its natural wonders.

Makati Personal Blogs

Makati was dubbed as a piece of useless swampy area by Spaniards, but since then because of development, Makati City did not stop this piece of marshy place to be the symbol for Philippines’ financial progress. Makati City is now the Philippines’ ‘Wall Street’-a haven for investors around the globe.

Getting a Job as an Expat

Foreigners may find it difficult to get expat jobs which require taking licensure exams. However, there are some expat jobs that they can easily apply for.

Angeles City Personal Blogs

Angeles City has been developed to an economic processing zone in the Philippines. Since being dubbed as the Philippines’ Red light district, the city tries its best to make that impression a thing in the past. The place tries to emphasize it other potentiality for tourism for the past years.

Davao Personal Blogs

Davao City has been one of the progressive and most active cities in terms of economic growth in the Philippines. Its strategic location place a balance of leisure and business. Davao is definitely one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines.

General Santos Personal Blogs

General Santos City has been one the abundant cities in the Philippines considering the ‘great catches’ they have making the place as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. The locals never fail to give thanks for a good harvest as they celebrate creatively their town fiesta.