Enjoying Retirement in the Philippines

Many choose to spend their retirement in the Philippines. They anticipate relaxation and the simple life. But retirement in the Philippines can yield better rewards than that. Retirement in the Philippines can also mean an outlet for adventure and passion.

Expat Life Tip: Get Used to the Place

A lonely expat life may pose a hard challenge at first, but getting used to it softens eveything. Once secrets to a delightful expat life experience are unlocked, everything becomes natural and relaxingly routine.

Finding the Right Maid

Hiring a maid may seem to sound easy. But considering your family’s safety, it is better to practice some caution to be able to find the best household helper that you can have.

Expat Food as The National Cuisine

Expat food used to be a scarcity in the Philippines, but thanks to the new global outlook in the country. Expat food is no longer the exception but the rule in almost any part of the country. Expat food, in fact, sometimes tastes better here.

How To Deal With Culture Shock

Culture shock is a given when one lives in another country. But it can be lessened in simple ways. Just relax, smile, and be tolerant. But stay alert. These, among other things, can make the expatriate life a favorable experience.

Laoag Personal Blogs

Laoag City is one of the best tourist gems of the Philippines in the north. Ilocos Norte has been under the watch of the government in terms of historical restoration to boost tourist attraction and at the same time trigger economic progress.

The Basics of an Expat Medical Insurance Program

Availing of an expatriate medical insurance program provides a safety net for the expatriate, in case undesired hazardous incidents might happen. Should there be an expatriate who is willing to be covered by an expat medical insurance program, then there are some details that he or she has to know.