Diving In Paradise

Want to experience the joy you yearn or simply just travel the world? Don’t fret, try scuba diving for a change. One can witness and enjoy the real beauty of nature down there.

Philippines Dive Sites: A Must-See!

A visit to a tropical country like the Philippines gives you the opportunity to visit diving sites which are gateways to the world under the blue waters. Some of the famous Philippine dive sites are the ones in Anilao, Subic, Puerto Galera and Palawan. So, if you are planning to go somewhere along equatorial lines, visit the Philippines and experience its best dive sites.

Great Dive Sites at the Historic Subic Bay

Located two to four hours northwest of Manila the Subic Bay is a great escape from the busy city life. It boasts of historic dive sites from the Spanish Era and World War II. The breath-taking view of the mountain area carpeted by virgin forest and embraced by pristine sea waters encapsulates a self-renewing experience.