Wreck Diving at Black Island

The water surrounding Busuanga Island is the home of a number of shipwrecks of World War II. Black Island is a perfect place for wreck diving where a Japanese tanker sank. The wreck is now full of beautiful fish species and other marine life.

Diving In Paradise

Want to experience the joy you yearn or simply just travel the world? Don’t fret, try scuba diving for a change. One can witness and enjoy the real beauty of nature down there.

Accessible Dive-sites Near Manila

There are a number of diving destinations to choose from near Metro Manila. Because of their proximity to the Philippine capital, these premier dive-sites provide viable options to prospective divers who have a strict timetable and cannot afford to travel to otherwise far-flung diving spots.

Bohol’s Bargain World Class Dive Sites

“Exotic” is not the overused word it has become when it comes to describing extreme marine biodiversity on Bohol Island in the Philippines. World Bank and United Nations reports have cited the rich diversity and international divers are quite taken by the near bargain prices for which exhilarating dives can be had.