Sorsogon Beach Guide

Sorsogon is one of the provinces in the tip of Luzon.It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean so many beaches here are also beautiful.Many tourists visit the Donsol beach to catch a glimpse of the Dugong.

Angeles City Personal Blogs

Angeles City has been developed to an economic processing zone in the Philippines. Since being dubbed as the Philippines’ Red light district, the city tries its best to make that impression a thing in the past. The place tries to emphasize it other potentiality for tourism for the past years.

Makati Restaurant Guide

Consult any Makati restaurant guide and find out that classy restaurants in this city, aside from serving only the best dishes, are actually easy to find. The three main locations where they are situated look delightfully flashy as well, as many Makati restaurant guide features would aver.

The Philippine “Jeepney”

Philippine transport is spiced up on the road by a unique public vehicle traceable to the US army jeep in World War II. Nowhere else in the world do jeepneys ply the roads and highways so proudly except in the Philippines.

Makati Sightseeing Guide

Makati City is the commercial and entertainment center of the Philippines with each attraction more enticing than the last. Indulge your senses by visiting the various landmarks in Makati City.

Samar Sightseeing Guide

A Samar sightseeing guide will include the many natural and historic attractions in the province. Samar is one of the unique places in the Philippines that has remained quite untouched. You’ll find a lot of ancient architectural relics, caves, waterfalls, and a rainforest, which is a treat for nature lovers.

How to Register a Business in the Philippines

If you’re looking to put up a business in the Philippines you need to know where to go and what to bring to register a business. Here’s a quick list of requirements for different types of businesses and which agencies you need to go to submit these documents.