Baguio Festivals and Events

The Kadayawan Festival and the Baguio Flower Festival are only two of the celebrated events in the “Summer Capital” of the Philippines. These festivals highlight the beauty of Baguio and the peaceful interaction among its locals despite their diversity. The Kadayawan Festival is all about unity while the Baguio Flower Festival has a global perspective and promotes the need to save the environment.

Starting Small for the Big-Time

To become a big-time in the business world, you have to start somewhere no matter how small. If you can’t afford to rub shoulders with the big-timers, start anyhow anyway. Example is going into franchise of known brand names.

Max’s Fried Chicken: Product of Family Unity

Max’s Fried Chicken is a restaurant in the Philippines that started out as a family’s perseverance to overcome a financial crisis. From its humble beginnings to its remarkable success, Max’s Fried Chicken stands out as a product of the Filipino family’s solidarity.

Cebu Transportation

Cebu transportation is accessible, convenient and safe aside from being comfortable. The advantage that this highly industrialized city has over Manila is that there is less congestion and public Cebu transportation vehicles charge a lower rate, adhering to provincial standards. Make sure you know how to get around Cebu when you’re there by reading up on the different types of Cebu transportation that can be availed of.

How to be at Peace with Rent Fees

Some rent fees are exorbitant, some seem unfair. Apartment units are easy to come by but the right one is hard to find. Rent fee and apartment unit quality must tally if peace in rent payment is the goal—plus some very helful tips on easier and lighter rent payments.

Philippines Beach Guide

Philippine beaches are infused with the mentality of the Filipino people and some sugar and spice that you can find in the Philippines Beach Guide. Explore the different beaches throughout the Philippines and compare the different experiences to learn more about Filipino culture.

Palawan Travel Agents

Palawan Island is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines especially for tourists and visitors who love to spend their vacation with the beauty of Nature. Eco-Tourism is considered to be one of the economic drives of Palawan Island and the local government tries to maintain the wonders of island.